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Biden Leaves Office Betting Odds

August 22, 2021
Odds on when Biden will be removed from office

2020’s U.S. Presidential election was one of the most contentious in the country’s history. There were accusations and suspicions of voter fraud aimed at removing controversial President Donald Trump from office. Enter Joe Biden. The Democrat nominee, who is in his late 70’s, apparently received the most votes of any Presidential nominee ever. If you’ve seen Biden speak or studied his policies, that fact alone might make you believe there was voter fraud.

All of that aside, here we are 8 months into a Biden Presidency and it has been one disaster after another. First, the southern border has been overrun with migrants who flocked to the U.S. once Biden was elected, like moth to flame. It is no mystery as to why this happened. His party ran on the premise that immigrants are “dreamers” and most should be allowed to enter. There has been a crisis at the border ever since and “children in cages” has been replaced with “children in plastic cells“.

Biden’s latest bungling has seen the airport in Kabul, Afghanistan overrun with people trying to leave the country even hanging on to the sides of airplanes as they take off and eventually falling to their death. Instead of securing the airport and area around the airport with thousands of troops, Biden decided it was a good idea to start removing military personnel while some 15,000+ U.S. citizens and up to 50,000 Afghan citizens who helped the U.S. were in limbo. These events have turned even some of the most loyal Biden supporters against him.

When will Kamala Harris take Over for Biden?

Kamala Harris taking over the Presidency is a real possibility.

This all combines to have the general public wondering if the 78 year old Biden, who is clearly in cognitive decline and under heavy stress, will make it 3.3 more years. Some people believe that Biden was just the way in the door for whom the establishment really wanted there, the supremely unlikable Kamala Harris. She would help the powers that be check the boxes of “first woman President” and “first black woman President”. You can see that the pressure is there from several angles to get her into the oval office.

Luckily for the betting types out there, odds exist on whether or not Joe Biden makes it his entire term or not. Also, if he will be removed by impeachment or not. We are also adding to the actual odds by creating an over/under as to when Kamala will take over for the flailing Biden.


odds by

YES -185
NO +145

Joe Biden to leave office via Impeachment?

odds by

NO -1500
YES +600

Joe Biden Exit Date

odds by

2025 +115
Not Before 2026 +325
2021 +500
2022 +500
2023 +700
2024 +1300

Over/Under for Kamala Taking Over Presidency in First Term

– Odds made up by us and for entertainment purposes only – WE are NOT a sportsbook

1 Year from Today (8/22/22)

Before +280
After +200
Never Happens -500