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College Football Championship Exact Outcome Odds

December 20, 2021
NCAA football championship exacta odds

The exact outcome odds are sort of like an “exacta” of sports betting. You have to predict which of the four teams will defeat the other to win the title.

Of the four teams in this years college football contest, Cincinnati has the longest shot to win it all. So, naturally the odds of their two exacta matchups are very high payouts, +2500 and +4000 respectively.

Georgia playing Alabama again for a rematch of the 2018 national championship is the most likely outcome after round one. Georgia beating Alabama is the slight favorite, even though Alabama just dispatched of Georgia in the SEC Championship game a few weeks ago.

Below you can find the exact odds for the college football championship. These odds are being offered at

  • Georgia defeats Alabama +190
  • Alabama defeats Georgia +200
  • Alabama defeats Michigan +575
  • Michigan defeats Alabama +700
  • Georgia defeats Cincinnati +900
  • Michigan defeats Cincinnati +2200
  • Cincinnati defeats Georgia +2500
  • Cincinnati defeats Michigan +4000