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Beware of Scammer Site Pretending to be Heritage Sportsbook

Scott Morris | December 25, 2021
Beware of this website

There are lots of scams online. People who don’t feel like working real jobs and earning an honest living will come up with a myriad of ways to scam money from people. The sportsbook industry is not exempt from this type of activity.

There is a spoof website online which is trying to scam customers of Heritage Sportsbook (SBA Rating A). The scammers put up a site on Godaddy servers which looks really cheap, has shoddy graphics, uses a screen-grab of the real Heritage sportsbook logo and doesn’t even have an SSL cert set up. It has all the red flags of a scam but to those who are not familiar with these red flags, it could be a real problem.

The scam domain name is

The real Heritage sportsbook domain name is

If you are a customer of the real Heritage, it is suggested you log-in and enable all security factors they have to offer. If you accidentally log-in to the scam sportsbook they will steal your account and try to extract money from it.

The sad part is that Google will sometimes serve the scam site over the actual site when people search for “heritage sportsbook”. Google is very inefficient in allowing users to report scams.

The site has been live for quite some time. The domain name was registered in 2009.

Beware of this website

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