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BetOnline’s Biggest Super Bowl 57 Futures Liabilities

June 18, 2022
Super Bowl 57 action Report

Its never too early to look at the Super Bowl odds. Its a good way to see how the oddsmakers are judging each team. Luckily, because of reports like these, you can also see how the public is reacting to these odds as well.

Our friends over at, one of – if the not the – largest online sportsbooks in the world, have shared their top exposures. It’s safe to say that it any one of these eight teams win, the Super Bowl will be a disappointment for the folks at B.O.

Below the list you can see the current Super Bowl 57 odds as posted by

Top Bet Teams to Win Super Bowl 57 at BetOnline

1. LA Chargers 11-1
2. NY Jets 100-1
3. New Orleans 50-1
4. Cincinnati 18-1
5. Miami Dolphins 33-1
6. Minnesota 40-1
7. Philadelphia 33-1
8. LV Raiders 28-1


It seems pretty apparent some of these are just homer favorites to cities with a massive population. I mean, the Jets? That is a N.Y. homer bet all day long.

The Dolphins at 33-1 are actual good value as they have added some very good pieces to a team that has finished with a winning record the last two seasons.

New Orleans is actually pretty solid at 50-1. They are getting Jameis Winston back and this will probably be a career year for him. Will they win it all? Probably not. But the payout is so high why not throw a little scratch on it?

The Bengals are a good bet at 18-1. The kid at QB is a winner. They are coming off a disappointing Super Bowl loss and there is a chance they make a repeat appearance.


Super Bowl 57 Odds

from BetOnline

Buffalo Bills+650
Tampa Bay Buccaneers+850
Kansas City Chiefs+950
Los Angeles Chargers+1000
Green Bay Packers+1200
Los Angeles Rams+1200
Cincinnati Bengals+1800
San Francisco 49ers+1800
Denver Broncos+2000
Baltimore Ravens+2200
Dallas Cowboys+2200
Cleveland Browns+2500
Las Vegas Raiders+2800
Tennessee Titans+2800
Indianapolis Colts+3000
Miami Dolphins+3300
Philadelphia Eagles+3300
Arizona Cardinals+3500
Minnesota Vikings+4000
New England Patriots+4000
New Orleans Saints+5000
Pittsburgh Steelers+8000
Seattle Seahawks+8000
Washington Commanders+8000
New York Jets+10000
Carolina Panthers+12500
Chicago Bears+12500
Jacksonville Jaguars+12500
New York Giants+12500
Atlanta Falcons+15000
Detroit Lions+15000
Houston Texans+25000


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