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New College Football Top Ten Rakings and Betting Odds

October 17, 2022
Bo Nix and Oregon

The college football world had a bit of a shakeup this past weekend when #3 Alabama fell to #6 Tennessee. This effectively had them switch places in the rankings. Bama is now #6 and Tennessee is #3. Of course there is a case to be made that Tennessee should maybe even been ranked #2 overall. The best team Ohio State has beat was a deflated Notre Dame. I digress.

There are still some valuable underdog bets too we want to throw out there. Amazingly, Ohio State is the odds on favorite to win it all. This is most likely because the Georgia Bulldogs will have a tougher road to the playoffs whereas OSU has a little easier schedule in the Big Ten. Their toughest games left are at PSU and vs Michigan. .

NCAA Top Ten Rank & Odds Updated

Odds from – Top Rated Sportsbook at SBA 2019-2022

RankTeamRecord SUOdds to win it all
2Ohio State6-0+185
7Ole Miss7-0+8000

There is value on Clemson +1200. This is actually a little bit better of a payday than from before the start of the season (+1100) and they have not lost a game.

Oregon is off the board but when they come back on there will be some value. It is true they got trounced opening day by Georgia but they have gone undefeated since then and have the ability sneak into the college football playoffs.

Alabama still has value at +450. Even though they are ranked #6, they are #3 in odds. The odds always give you a better idea of where teams truly rank in our opinions. Its just against the voters nature to rank a team with zero losses higher than a team with a loss.



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