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Concept Artist in Gambling and Gaming is a Popular Modern Profession

Scott Morris | October 30, 2022
concept artist gambling

The video games and gambling industry provides a wide range of jobs in many areas – from scriptwriter to programmer. And an important place in both these industries is occupied by the art of visualization of ideas, or concept art. It is done by special concept artists who embody the visual foundation of the future game in drawings, which you can find on UK casino review.


What does a concept artist do

A concept artist is an idea generator. Such specialists create what will fill the game – visual environment, appearance of characters, locations, game elements. In the case of gambling, you can also add the look of slots or a gaming table for the product, style, color design, etc. All this is important in further development, because it is the concept art that forms the future look of the product. Relatively speaking, the concept artist creates the primary design of the future game.


The role of the profession in gambling

In many ways, the future success depends on the concept artist, as the visual style is an attractive factor for many players. Today, there are dozens of developers in the gambling industry who are trying to popularize their products thanks to unique design solutions. First of all, this applies to slots – one of the most popular products, in the variety of which it is easy to get lost for both the player and the casino that wants to buy a certain solution. Accordingly, a unique design that catches the eye and is remembered by the player is always the primary merit of the concept artist.

And, in general, this applies not only to slots. On the gambling market, you can see many other online gambling products that appeal to something new. Even in traditional casino games, from time to time you can find a visual that differs from the classic look of gambling tables. The same applies to online poker rooms, which, although they prefer a more classic style, differ from each other precisely because of the various concepts of their design.


Gaming and concept artist

No video game has ever started without concept art. This is where the artist can fully express his creativity and create a visual style that will be remembered by the player. Thanks to these designers, players have enjoyed the gloomy post-apocalyptic ruins of civilization in the Fallout series of games or the spectacular underwater city of the Rapture and its aerial brother Columbia in the Bioshock series.

Concept art for computer games differs from gambling art in that the artist uses his imagination to create characters, environments and atmospheres that meet the proposed game requirements and give the game a unique experience and look. This makes it more exciting and realistic for the player.

As one concept artist noted, behind the sketch lies a complex process of work – designing, creating dimensions, texture, everyday life, external features of the characters that would demonstrate their character, the landscape of the area, and even the color scheme and lighting of different locations.


Salary of a concept artist

In May 2020, the average salary of a concept artist in the gambling industry in the United States was $73 thousand per year: the minimum salary for such a specialist was $49 thousand, and the maximum – $110 thousand. This indicates the possibility of professional growth and salary increase due to improved skills. At the same time, the amount of annual income may depend even on the area of the company in which the artist works.

In EU countries, these figures may vary. According to Newzoo, a concept artist in the UK receives £50 thousand per year, while a German artist earns an average of €34 thousand per year.

The situation with this profession is similar in the field of gambling software development. We managed to find one vacancy from an IT company. Among the requirements for the applicant are at least one year of experience in the field of game illustration, knowledge of Photoshop, understanding of the specifics of casual social casinos, attention to detail and responsibility for the result. The salary level is not specified. From this we can conclude that this direction is only in its infancy, and perhaps the legalization of the gambling business will contribute to the development of the concept artist robot.


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