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How Often Does the Average Sports Bettor Actually Bet?

Scott Morris | November 22, 2022
how often do they bet?

If you are anything like me, you bet every week, several times per week, for at least the first few months of the season. I will usually then take a few weeks off and go at it again. In the end I am trying to make some money. I try not to wager on a game just to have action, but I must admit that sometimes I do this. I am only human.

My current betting sabbatical actually got me thinking about how often your regular sports bettor bets. Well, lucky for me a poll on the topic was already conducted by the GlobalWebIndex a few years ago. 303 people answered questions including how often they wager. Somewhat surprisingly the most common answer was “Once per week”. This stat seems to suggest that half of all bettors who answered the questions were relatively disciplined sports bettors. They passed on MNF, TNF, NCAAF and only bet NFL. Or it could be any combo of those events mention minus one.

In second place on on the chart at 19% of those polled was “Once every two weeks”. This seems to suggest even more disciplined sports betting. To skip a week and wait for a game you really like takes great patience. But, seeing how sportsbooks all rake it in at the end of the year I think maybe these guys weren’t telling the whole truth. I mean, were their wives standing right there when they answered these questions? LOL

Anyway, you can see the rest of the answers below:

how often do sports bettors actually bet?

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