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Tom Brady Retirement Odds

Scott Morris | January 17, 2023
tom brady retirement odds January 2023

Last night was a smackdown of epic proportions. Tom Brady, the greatest QB of all time, looked ineffective and weak in the 31-14 drubbing which wasn’t even as close as that score indicates. It was 31-6 with a few minutes left in the game when we shut it off.. It is obvious now that he should have stayed retired. This is why we here at SBA think he should hang up the cleats.

We went to sportsbooks looking for actual Tom Brady retirement odds and could not find any offered. All we could find was a hypothetical set of odds at

In this odds chart you can see a list of TB’s next team. Retirement in low on the list at +800 and just a 11.1% chance of happening. I can tell you right its closer to like 50% and should be paying +150 at the most. We think its over for TB12. Do you?

Here are a list of the teams as well as the retirement odds we found at the other website:

Team Odds Probability
Las Vegas Raiders +350 22.2%
Miami Dolphins +450 18.2%
San Francisco 49ers +500 16.7%
New England Patriots +600 14.3%
Tampa Bay Buccaneers +750 11.8%
Retirement +800 11.1%
New York Jets +900 10.0%
Field +1250 7.4%


Update (1/18/23):

Apparently we were on to something. just release Tom Brady retirement odds and they are closer to what we thought they should be.

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