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5 Possible Standout Players For Super Bowl 57

February 3, 2023
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Most of the focus will be on Patrick Mahomes and Jalen Hurts as the quarterbacks for Super Bowl 57. Every year, the quarterbacks tend to lead the betting for MVP as they stand to make the most impact. Yet for some players, this could be the pinnacle of their football career and their time to shine as a standout. To make your own decision on MVP, check out the latest Super Bowl info and see if you could gain some winnings on a surprise standout player. 

Without much surprise, the quarterbacks top the odds in the race to be Super Bowl MVP. Look past Mahomes and Hurts and there is potential value on both teams for MVP for Chiefs vs Eagles


A.J. Brown

Should neither quarterback win the Pete Rozell trophy, a standout player could be A.J. Brown. As wide receiver for the Eagles, he could prove the difference between the two teams. Though Mahomes had his own inspirational performance leading to the Super Bowl, Brown finished the regular season with some great stats. Those include career highs for touchdowns, receiving yards, and receptions and he could be saving his best in the postseason for Arizona. 

Brown being awarded MVP may seem far-fetched when he has to contend with two stellar quarterbacks yet there is value elsewhere. If the game proves to be tight, involving A.J. Brown as an anytime touchdown scorer is worth a punt. Should the Eagles win then A.J. Brown could well be in contention for MVP.


Miles Sanders

Just seven running backs have gone on to win Super Bowl MVP yet there is a chance for Sanders to become the eighth. Especially on recent form, in the Eagles’ 31-7 win over the Niners, Sanders rushed twice for a touchdown. The last running back to claim MVP was Terrell Davis and that was in 1998 but stranger things have happened.


Isiah Pacheco

The eighth running back to win Super Bowl MVP could also be Isiah Pacheco. If you are looking for a player to make a big impact then Pacheco represents good value. Again, this is based on recent form as Pacheco rushed ten ties for an impressive 26 yards and returned two kickoffs to total 45 yards in the Chiefs’ victory. 

If those stats turn into touchdowns then Pacheco could become the standout player yet you could be more specific to gain some winnings. You may want to put some money on him claiming the Longest Rush Over 13.5 yards. 


Haason Reddick

It is exceedingly rare for a defensive player to win the Pete Rozell trophy yet if you want a long shot, look towards Haason Reddick. The Eagles linebacker has been pretty much unstoppable for the entire season, even in the postseason. In the playoffs alone, Reddick contributed a fumble recovery, a forced fumble, and 3.6 sacks.


Chris Jones

Sure, there are long odds for defensive players which is understandable looking back at the history of the MVP. Plus, Mahomes and Hurts have been so impressive that it would be a surprise if neither player showed up for the Super Bowl. If it is to be a defender, then you could also look towards the Chiefs’ defensive end. 

That’s largely based on his performance against the Bengals with two sacks, five quarterback hits, and ten pressures. Similar statistics during the Super Bowl could sure up a win for the Chiefs.    


Surprise MVPs

There is history to back up the possibility of a surprise MVP, though few defensive players have left the field with the award. On some occasions, the Super Bowl produces the opportunity for a single player to make the biggest impact. During the season they could have been dependable and reliable yet come the big game, suddenly they take it on themselves to make things happen. Who could forget the wide receiver, Desmond Howard, returning the kickoff in the grand manner, a full 99 yards in the third quarter for the Green Bay Packers in Super Bowl XXXI? 

Then there are those quarterbacks who few believe can produce on the biggest stage of them all. Kurt Warner barely played in the NFL before starring for the St. Louis Rams in Super Bowl XXXIV, then he produced a stunning 414 yards passing and the decisive touchdown with two minutes on the clock. Even Tom Brady was once a surprise MVP, all the way back in Super Bowl XXXVI when he stepped in during Week 2 in the 2001 season.



It is difficult to look past Patrick Mahomes and Jalen Hurts as MVP when both quarterbacks have had stellar seasons. Frankly, it is typically the quarterbacks who have the biggest impact thus it is simple math that they should be favorites for MVP. Less than half of Super Bowl’s MVPs have not been quarterbacks yet there is value elsewhere should both Mahomes and Hurts be off their game. 

That includes defensive players as long shots in the form of Chiefs’ Chris Jones and Eagles’ Haason Riddick. Then there are the running backs who could make all the difference; Isaiah Pacheco for the Chiefs and Miles Sanders for the Eagles. Super Bowl MVP could even be a wide receiver and if that’s the case then it could be A.J. Brown.


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