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NCAA’s Nebraska Cornhuskers Will Attempt To Smash Attendance Record At Memorial Stadium

Scott Morris | March 1, 2023
Nebraska volleyball

The Nebraska volleyball program is one of the most successful in the sport and has won the national championship a record five times. As a result, the program’s culture is centered on achievement. And now, the Nebraska Cornhuskers are trying to smash the NCAA volleyball attendance record this summer in an effort to establish a new benchmark for college volleyball. 

The school announced on Friday that the volleyball team will play host to Nebraska-Omaha as part of a historic doubleheader with Division II teams Nebraska-Kearney and Wayne State. The match will take place inside Memorial Stadium, which is also the home of the Cornhuskers football team. The matches, which are scheduled to take place on August 30, will also be the first in NCAA history to take place inside of a football stadium. Also, it will be the first time that Nebraska volleyball has played a match outside. 

Despite the fact that it is unknown how many of Memorial Stadium’s 85,438 seats will be made available, it looks like Nebraska is primed to quickly destroy the sport’s existing NCAA attendance record of 18,755 assuming a good turnout occurs. It is interesting to note that the Cornhuskers already had links to the all-time milestone, which was established in 2021 when the Cornhuskers were competing in the national championship game in Columbus and lost to Wisconsin. 

Trev Alberts, the athletic director for Nebraska, said at a news conference on Friday that the state of Nebraska should hold the attendance record for volleyball. “I am sincerely requesting Husker Nation and our sport’s enthusiasts from all around the beautiful state of Nebraska to try and make their way to our Memorial Stadium. Since this is going to be a one-time event, I’m crossing my fingers and hoping that the turnout will be so high that no one will even consider breaking our all-time record. 

To this day, Nebraska has shown a remarkable capacity, on a number of occasions, to attract large audiences. The Nebraska Cornhuskers have set an NCAA record by selling out 303 straight regular-season matches at the Devaney Center, which has a capacity of up to 7,907 people. Since 2013, the Cornhuskers have led the country in attendance. 

As Nebraska prepares to take its shot at history, the program has a chance to make it into the record books even if it falls short of the all-time mark by setting a new record for the number of fans who attend games during the regular season. After hosting 16,833 people for a game versus Florida in September of last year, Wisconsin now holds the record for largest attendance in a college football game. With adequate marketing and a strong hope resting on the Husker Nation, the team looks set to beat that record.


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