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Why The NBA Is The Most Entertaining Of All American Sports Leagues

Scott Morris | March 15, 2023
Kenyon Martin Jr

America is home to many great sports leagues, some of them among the most historic, and some of them the most prolific in sports history. American sports leagues, especially the NFL and MLB claim to be among the most prestigious sports leagues in the history of human civilization, and no one can particularly argue against their claims, especially seeing all their history and legacy.

Americans have plenty of experience watching all the major leagues around the country, and every person has their own unique taste that appreciates and finds a sense of belonging in a different sport, or at times even a combination of them. Nevertheless, when it comes to entertainment and full-on wall-to-wall action, more and more people are of the opinion that the National Basketball League takes precedence over all other sports leagues, despite the obvious fact that it loses out when it comes to history

The argument is usually proposed on the basis of ball-in-play time, or the time when genuine action is occurring in any given game. When calculated for football, or for the NFL to be specific, it pans out to a surprisingly-low 11 minutes per NFL game. This means that only a tiny fraction of the duration of the game sees any action happen, and the rest is just preparation etc. One might think that the situation is better in Major League Baseball, but that isn’t the case either. On average, only around 14 minutes of an average MLB game sees action, which although, is a little better than the NFL, but only by an insignificant margin. 

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This is far from the case when it comes to the NBA, or even basketball in general. In the NBA, as long as the ball is in play, the action continues, as the clock is always ticking. This. overall, makes basketball a much more interesting and downright entertaining sport to enjoy, as there is hardly a boring patch, or even a moment. Moreover, to further separate the NBA from all other sports leagues, it’s worth pointing out that NBA stars are much better, well-rounded and technically capable athletes than those, for example, of the NHL or MLB. 

While football certainly requires more powerful players and being good at baseball means some incredible hand-eye coordination, the fact remains that top-flight basketball needs much more than just power or hand-eye coordination, as it is a much more technically and mentally-demanding game. Nevertheless, one must concede that as a pure skill that one must learn individually, the hand-eye coordination needed to play basketball at the top level is indeed the most difficult one to learn, especially from scratch. 

Odds On The Favorite Teams To Win The NBA Championship 2023

  1. Milwaukee Bucks: +350
  2. Boston Celtics: +360
  3. Denver Nuggets: +750

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