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Should You Save a Copy of Your Online Wager?

Scott Morris | March 16, 2023

The bottom line is that humans make mistakes. We sometimes think we have completed a transaction when we actually haven’t. We get distracted by something and don’t complete the process. There have been many times where people thought they had a wager down only to log back in and there is no record of it. Sometimes they are even relieved because they bet would have lost.

Most online sportsbooks wil give you the option to download your ticket. In fact, some sportsbooks even strongly encourage it. for example has a download button after you place your wager and a note which reads: “No internet claims will be honored unless a printed copy of the bets in question is supplied.”

This doesn’t mean that they will ask you for a copy of your bet each and every time. It simply means that they expect you to keep a copy of your own bets in case there is a dispute. You will especially want to do this with futures bets since they often times take many months to be graded. Just keep a folder on your machine where you download the bets. You can use a simple screen grab tool if there is no option to download the ticket.

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BetUS note to keep a copy for your records.



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