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Reasons NFL Fans Think the NFL is the Best League in Sports

Scott Morris | April 2, 2023
how about the NFL

Football is America’s old school sweetheart. It’s what so many generations of proud Americans have grown up loving, admiring and watching over many decades. Football is enriched and enshrined in the American culture, customs and overall way of life. Millions of Americans watch football games every weekend, as it has developed and grown into a much-popular activity over the decades, as friends, families and colleagues get together on the weekend to watch a football game together. 

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There is also the sense of patriotism that comes from football, as Americans belonging from different states and areas of the country support their local football team, and get happy or sad with their team; in other words, the moods of millions of Americans often depend on how well their local teams perform on the weekends. Stories of people smashing their televisions over their team’s losses are not unheard of whatsoever. 

Top of the world football pyramid sits the NFL, or the National Football League, and this is where the best football stars and the top football teams on planet Earth bring their A game. This is where the hearts and loyalties of millions of people around the US and the world are invested in. This is simply because the NFL is the best football league in the world, without any else even coming close. Below are reasons why the NFL is the best football league to ever exist:

The Quality Of Football Being Played

The best league has to be one where the best quality of football is played, and the NFL is that and more. The NFL can boast having the most technically and tactically innovative and intelligent managers, who play top-level football with the best, most athletic and intelligent football players found anywhere. 

The Massive Popularity Of The NFL

The NFL is ridiculously popular among football fans, or even all sports fans in general. The NFL can boast to have millions of fans in the US alone, with more all around the world. This immense popularity means that the NFL receives the most lucrative and highest-paying sponsorship, marketing and viewership deals. All this income means that the NFL can continue to innovate and become even better. 

The Legacy And History Of The NFL

The NFL was founded all the way back in 1920, so it’s currently 103 years old. This means that it has been around to witness and be part of history, and has produced some absolute fairy tales and legends in football. This translates to it having a massive legacy in American culture and history, as well as increased popularity and viewership. The NFL has some of the most legendary teams in sports history, such as the New England Patriots and the Green Bay Packers. 

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Kansas City +575

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Bills +900

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