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Bill Belichick: The Manager Behind Patriot’s Incredible Dynasty

April 11, 2023
All about Bill Belichick and the 2023 Patriots

William Stephen Belichick, more famously known as Bill Belichick, is considered by many one of the if not the greatest managers in the history of the NFL. The genius of the game was born on April 16, 1952, in Nashville, Tennessee, United States; he started his coaching career in 1975 as an assistant coach to Baltimore Colts and also joined Detroit Lions and Denver Broncos. In 1979 he joined the New York Giants as a defensive assistant and spent 12 seasons there. 

The Giants won the super bowl in 1986 and 1990. Later he joined Cleveland Browns, where he was the head coach, but it was not very successful. He only reached the playoffs once during the 5-year stint. 1996 was when he first joined the New York Patriots but not as a head coach, but again as an assistant coach. A year later, he became part of the New York Jets and spent three years where he was again the assistant coach. He did become the head coach but resigned a day later at a strange turn of events. 

2000 is when he joined the Patriots again, but as a head coach, this is when the actual success started to come. He, along with Tom Brady, is a major part of the Patriot dynasty. They won three titles in only four seasons; this team dominated like no other. Belichick was known for adjusting during each quarter and mixing things up to confuse the opponent team. His style of play made players under him better; he revived the careers of Aqib Talib, Randy Moss, and Wes Welker, to name a few. A genius who always had a backup plan, and his defensive coaching ability was through the roof. There is a reason why he is the longest-tenured active manager in the NFL. 

Belichick has all the accolades to show for his success for the Patriots. Only three managers have won six NFL championships in history, and Belichick is one of them. He has won coach of the year on three separate occasions. Winning it in 2003, 2007, and 2010, to call him the greatest of all time, will never be an overstatement. He also has the most Super Bowl appearances, with nine. He has achieved everything a coach can in his career; he may be the greatest mind the NFL will ever produce. 

Some people still call him overrated because he had Tom Brady win him the titles, but they just complimented each other a lot. Nothing should be taken away from Belichick’s success. The Patriots fans are the lucky ones who had the greatest coach and the greatest player on their team for many seasons. Belichick has massive respect from all the players and coaches who have played against him, and rightly so.

2023 Season

There is still a great deal to be decided about how the Patriots are going to approach 2023-24. They have a QB that they like, but they are not totally confident in. There is no consensus in the Patriots’ camp about Mac Jones.

Online sportsbook actually has the Patriots at 11th from the bottom as far as Super Bowl odds are concerned at +6600.