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Updated NBA Series Prices and Championship Odds

May 20, 2023
Series Updates

The conference finals for the NBA 2023 are here, it will be Boston Celtics versus Miami Heat in the east and Denver Nuggets versus Los Angeles Lakers in the west. This time again the MVP winner’s team will not be in the NBA finals as Philadelphia Sixers Joel Embiid won the MVP. If the Lakers and Heat win their conference finals, it will be the first time that a team lower than sixth-seeded will win the title.


Boston Celtics 

The Celtics finished second in the east and faced the Atlanta Hawks in the playoffs whom they defeated in six games. The duo of Jason Tatum and Jaylen Brown have been key for them throughout the season and they were the most point-getters in the series. In the Semis they faced Joel Embiid’s Philadelphia Sixers, and that series went down to the wire as Celtics won in game seven. The home advantage gave Celtics the series in the end. 


Miami Heat

The Celtics will face the Miami Heat who look like they are on a dream run as Jimmy Butler can not stop scoring. They qualified through play-ins and are in the conference finals against the Celtics and by no means are the underdogs. They turned on their playoff mode and are looking like an unbeatable team. The Heat defeated the Milwaukee Bucks, the favorites for the title in just five games thanks to some last-second heroics from Jimmy Butler. After that, they faced the New York Knicks who they defeated 4-2. The Heat will defeat the Celtics if they continue to play like “playoffs” Jimmy Butler keeps his form. The Heat are currently up 2 games to 0 at the time of this publication. Miami is -175 to close out the Celtics in this series. 


Denver Nuggets  

Moving to the Western side it is the first seeded team versus the seventh-seeded team. The Denver Nuggets defeated the Minnesota Timberwolves 4-1 and then they faced the Phoenix Suns who had Kevin Durant. The Nuggets also won against them 4-2. They are looking like the favorites for the title and will feel that they can win the championship this time with the team that they have. Especially Nikola Jokic who is performing at the top level. If he can lead them to the titles, he will also have an NBA title to show alongside his two MVP awards. The Nuggets are up 2 games to 0 as of time of this publication. 


Los Angeles Lakers  

The Los Angeles Lakers can never be ruled out of any game as they have arguably the greatest of all time in Lebron James. The Lakers finished seventh in the regular season but in the playoffs, they turned up as they defeated Memphis Grizzlies 4-2. They then faced the Golden State Warriors which was looking like an exciting match as it was Lebron-Curry meeting again. But the Lakers won against them in just six games and moved on to the conf. finals. Anthony Davis and Austin Reaves have also been playing well throughout the playoffs and the Lakers have a shot at the title. The updated odds at BetUS have Denver -410 to win this series and the Lakers at +330. 

The 2023 playoffs have been exciting to watch as we have seen some lower-seeded teams win against the top-seeded teams. This shows the beauty of the playoffs and how it is different from regular season games. 

Current NBA Championship Odds

Boston Celtics +325
Denver Nuggets -120
Los Angeles Lakers +675
Miami Heat +425



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