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Why is Aaron Rodgers Considered to be One of the Best QBs Ever?

Scott Morris | May 31, 2023
Aaron Rodgers career achievements

Aaron Rodgers is regarded as one of the greatest quarterbacks in the national football league (NFL). He is a professional American football player. He was born in Chico, California in 1983. He started practicing football during his high school years. He showcased his abilities at Butte College and later on transferred to the University of California where he started playing for the California golden bears. He was selected in the NFL draft in 2005 by the Green Bay Packers. He was serving as a reserve for the legendary quarterback “Brett Favre” initially but finally became a permanent member of the squad in 2008. He showed excellent skills and became consistently ranked among the league’s top quarterbacks. He played for the same team throughout his career, won various awards, and led his team to prominent victories.

Now let us see what the various factors contribute to the greatness of an individual.

Awards and Philanthropic Ventures:

He has won numerous awards throughout his career. He was named the most valuable player of the NFL (MVP) three times and has also received multiple pro bowl selections. He led his team to victory in 2010 Super Bowl XLV and thus established his legacy as one of the most elite quarterbacks of the game. Aaron has also participated in television shows, movies, and commercials actively and has participated in philanthropic ventures as well. His foundation (Aaron Rodgers Foundation) supports causes such as pediatric cancer research. 

Analysts have noticed many unique aspects in his gameplay that sets him different from other players in his league.

Gameplay Tactics:

He is well known for his ability to make accurate throws which results in an extension of the play. He can extend plays with his mobility and improvisation. He has a great ability to read the defenses and has exceptional arm strength as well. He is famous for his composure which helps him perform in pressure situations and thus he has given many clutch performances as well for his team, this is why he is known as a big match player. He can exploit the weakness of opposing defenses by making audible at the line of scrimmage. He is also known for successfully performing the no-huddle offense. Aaron is also very well known for his never-ending thirst to improve himself as he has always been found doing hard training and always pushing himself to do his best. This depicts that he had a great worth ethic and discipline. His pocket awareness has always been praised by analysts of the sport.

Overall Aaron Rodger has been highly known for his abilities, his exceptional talent, his achievements and records, and his success as a team leader as well. His remarkable abilities and performances have solidified his place as one of the greatest quarterbacks to play the sport.

Career Achievements


1X Super Bowl Champion

1X Super Bowl MVP

10X Pro Bowl Selection

4X First Team All Pro

30 NFL records including all-time career leader in passer rating

See Aaron Rodgers Career Stats


Aaron Rodgers Betting Odds

As you probably know Aaron Rodgers has been traded to the New York Jets. This is definitely the Twilight of his career but he most likely still has some good football left in them.

Below are the sports betting odds for his new team the New York Jets, and his personal odds of being awarded NFL MVP.

Odds from

Week 1 MNF September 11, 2023

Bills -1
Jets +1


MVP Odds

Patrick Mahomes +650
Josh Allen +800
Joe Burrow +800
Jalen Hurts +800
Justin Herbert +1200
Lamar Jackson +1200
Aaron Rodgers +1400


NFL AFC East Divisional Odds

Buffalo Bills +135
New York Jets +225
Miami Dolphins +300
New England Patriots +750


Jets Total Wins

Over 9.5 -140
Under 9.5 +110


Super Bowl 58 Odds

NY Jets +1400


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