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Public Rooting for Musk Over Zuck in Potential Fight

Scott Morris | June 26, 2023

Last week we reported on the brewing potential fight between tech mega-CEO’s Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg. It all started when Musk commented on Zuckerberg’s post. Since then it looks like this thing may actually happen.

Odd have Zuckerberg listed at -160 favorite to win which would put Musk at +130 give or take. Even though Musk is a larger man than Zuckerberg, the Zuck has actually been competing in real fight tournaments recently and has even won some.

Information was recently gathered by as to which fighter each state would pull for. Here is what they found:


musk vs zuck fight stats

Only 14 states are supporting Zuckerberg. He apparently doesn’t have the backing of California, the state where he has his massive Facebook HQ.

Sone other odds are available for this match up.

Fight Ends With

Judges Decision -200

Knockout/Tap out +250


Fight will be broadcast

Twitter/Facebook JV     -300

ESPN                            +400

NBC                              +1000

FOX                              +1400

ABC                              +2000

Disney+                        +2000

Netflix                          +2500

Google/YouTube           +3300

ZEE                               +3300

CCTV (China)                 +5000


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