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Chicago Bulls First Three-peat

July 10, 2023
Jordan Bulls 3-peat Number 1

There are a few dynasties in the history of the NBA, and Bull’s Dynasty is one of the most dominant ones. They three-peated twice during the nineties, mainly because they had the GOAT of basketball Michael Jordan. In this article, we will look at their first three-peat, what led to it, and who were the main players other than Michael Jordan. 


Leading events towards the first three-peat

The Bulls drafted Michael Jordan in the 1984 draft. The rest is history. The management decided to build around Jordan. The team was doing fantastic as they were qualifying for playoffs but not winning the championship. 



The Bull’s first championship was also Jordan’s first. They finished 61-21 in the Eastern Conference in the 1990-91 season. Jordan averaged 31.5 points per game and was also the MVP winner. To support him were Scottie Pippen, Horace Grant, and Bill Cartwright. 

In the first round, they swept the Knicks comfortably and then won five games against the 76ers to reach the Conf. finals. There they swept the defending champions Detroit Pistons and reached the NBA finals. 

The finals were against Magic Johnson’s Lakers. In the first game, the Lakers won, but they went on to lose the next four games, and the Bulls won their first-ever NBA championship. Jordan was the Finals MVP averaging 44 points per game. 



Michael Jordan was again the MVP of the regular season and helped the Bulls to a record of 67-15. Jordan averaged 30.1 points, and Scottie Pippen was second behind in the team with an average of 21 points. 

The Bulls again started the playoffs dominantly by sweeping Miami Heat. Next, they faced the New York Knicks, and it was a nail-biting seven-match series with Jordon again doing most of the heavy lifting. The conference finals were against the Cavaliers, and the Bulls lost the second game with a massive 26 points but still won in six games. 

The finals were against the western conference champions Portland Trail Blazers. Drexler was their main man, and the media also built up the rivalry between Jordan and Drexler before the final. Jordon won the Finals MVP again, too, as the Bulls won in six games. 



This season Bulls finished second in their conference with a record of 57-25, which was still pretty good. Michael Jordan averaged 32.6 points, and the same players, Scottie Pippen and Horace Grant were the key players. 

The Bulls swept the Hawks and had to face the Cavaliers in the conference semifinals. The Bulls destroyed the Cavaliers, winning 4-0 in the conference Finals. They faced the Knicks and lost the first two games but won the next four to reach the Finals for the third time in a row.  

The Finals were against the Phoenix Suns, who had the regular season’s MVP, Charles Barkley. Jordan was again the Finals MVP, as he had already cemented himself as one of the game’s greats. The Bulls won in six games and did the three-peat after the Celtics. 

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