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2023 Miami Dolphins Season Preview and Championship Odds

Scott Morris | August 4, 2023
Miami dolphins betting preview season

The previous season had the Miami Dolphins in for a rollercoaster. Straight wins after straight losses. The team has seen it all with their up and down 9-8 campaign. This may have been because of Tua Tagovailoa missing many games throughout the season due to concussion. However, quarterback Skylar Thompson did lead them to an 11-6 win against the New York Jets and they went on to face the Buffalo Bills in the playoffs. Although the score remained close throughout, the Bills eventually won 34-31. After a season as eventful as their last, Mike McDaniel has great plans for the squad’s upcoming season. 

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The team experienced an offseason of moves hoping that the changes will be enough for a better run. They decided to keep most of their offense as it is, but the defense had to undergo many drastic changes, even a new coordinator. Vic Fangio is one of NFL’s highest paid defensive coordinators and is also one of the best of his kind in history. His arrival is one of the best things to happen to the Dolphins and will hopefully prove fruitful to the team in the near future.

The most major changes have been trades, picking up Bradley Chubb late last season and Jalen Ramsey this offseason. Free agent David Long Jr. was also a new addition as per the plans of Fangio. The defense is now looking good with many young talented players. On offense, all players will return in the upcoming season except for Mike Gesicki and Trent Sherfield. They also bring in Mike White who will battle with Thompson for the backup spot. They had to take this step to avoid any issues in the future considering Tua’s condition and him leaning towards retirement.

For the upcoming season, rankings have the Dolphins at 8th overall possibly becoming Super Bowl contenders, which has given fans hope. McDaniel has the ability to prepare the team for a dominant season considering the talent there is on the roster. The roster does still lack a little on the offensive line but hopefully the team continues to overcome it again next season. There are great expectations from the defense this year and a breakthrough there is just what the team needs to put their best foot forward. The NFC playoffs may be all theirs but the AFC will certainly give them a tough time. 

There is great excitement among fans for the upcoming season. The team has done nothing but improve in recent years, and have all the potential to have an even better run this next season. They are going to have to put in as much effort as possible if they wish to have even a slight chance against the tough competition that the AFC has. The team have all that it takes to if not emerge successful then make somewhat of a prominent mark in the league. Fans are keeping their hopes high this year and the team must not disappoint them at any cost.

2023 Miami Dolphins Odds

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Division +300

AFC Champs +1200

Super Bowl Champs +2200

Total Wins Over Under 9.5


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