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$250K Winner Take All NFL Survivor Contest for 2023

Scott Morris | August 15, 2023
2023 NFL survivor contest real money online

There are many different NFL contests online. One of the more popular is the “survivor” contest. This is a single-mistake elimination contest where the contestant must pick a team to win straight up every week. If you have never played this contest before you may be thinking “sounds like a piece of cake!”. I assure you that it is harder than it seems.

You may be able to pick off the games against bad teams early, for example taking the Ravens over the Texans on September 10, but you quickly run out of these matchups and find yourself being forced to pick straight up winners that look more like Miami at San Diego or Philly at Dallas. This is because you can only pick a team once for the entire contest. Once you pick the Ravens in that matchup mentioned above, they are burned from your pick pool and you cannot use them again. Now you are starting to see the picture.

Usually a few contestants will make it to the end of one of these contests and either split the pot or there is a tie-breaker in place.

The 2023 BetOnline $250K survivor contest is open for registration and closes on Monday, Sept. 11th, 2023 at 8:05pm ET. First entry is $30 and there is a Buy 3, Get 1 Early Bird Special.

How to Play

  1. signup and deposit using this link
  2. Navigate to “contests” in the main navigation.
  3. The survivor contest is prominently featured on this page.
  4. Click “Join contest”

that’s it! Good luck!

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