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GTbets Has a Deceptive Rollover Practice

August 21, 2023
Gtbets rollover deceptive

GtBets is a sportsbook which has been around for quite a while. We don’t get a lot of feedback about them but what we do get is almost all positive. They have a easy-to-use deposit and withdraw system. The bonus is easy to claim (after your deposit is successful a button pops up with the bonus offer). The lines ae decent. But there are a few areas which lag.

Customer Service – They don’t have 24 hour customer service like some sportsbooks do. If you try to contact them during some hours of the day you simply get an email form. And they don’t seem to be in any hurry to respond to those so your best bet is to call during business hours.

Tricky Rollover – Their rollover system is deceptive to put it mildly. Instead of the rollover $ amount that every other single successful sportsbook uses, GtBets uses a point system. Instead of a $100 wager counting as $100 off your rollover, it counts as “50 points” off of it. That is, unless you are betting baseball. MLB only counts as 20 points! If you do this simple math on this, a 10X rollover is actually a 20X rollover for football and basketball. A 10X rollover is an absurd 50X rollover for baseball.

If you happen to make it through your massive rollover then the hardest part is behind you. GtBets pays out. We don’t have a single no-pay on file for GTBETS right now. Your best bet is to decline the bonus and just use this book as an “out”.

For GtBets complete bonus T&C go to this page – under SIGN UP BONUS, click the orange “terms and conditions” text to expand in detail.

You will see this text on their 100% sign-up cash bonus offer: “Minimum deposit is $35, maximum is $500. This welcome bonus is tied to a 12x rollover.” Like we mention above, the rollover is actually double that at 24X. 

GTBets is rated B- with our sportsbook review guide. If they fix their rollover system and have a more responsive customer service help desk this book would most definitely be A Rated.