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2023 Season Preview of the Houston Texans & Betting Odds

August 29, 2023
stroud and texans in 2023

The Houston Texans haven’t been on top of the game for a while now. They managed to win only three games in the previous season. It was no different to the two before 2022, with only four victories in each season. It wasn’t always like this for the Texans, keeping in mind they won the division four times during 2015 and 2019. They may not have finished last in the division in recent times but they have certainly seen better days. Four different head coaches in just three seasons isn’t the greatest change a team needs and it may just be the thing leading to the team’s downfall.

With a new head coach, the 2023 offseason was a fresh start for the Texans. They didn’t want to overspend but still add significant experience for the better of the roster. The Cowboys’ tight end, Dalton Schultz was their biggest addition on the offense. On the other side of the ball, they went for the former 49ers player Jimmie Ward, just as good of an addition as Schultz. Ward brings not only leadership but also stability to the secondary and that is exactly what the Texans were looking for. The two were the best decisions they took to improve the roster.

Free agency went quite well for the team but the 2023 NFL draft was more important to make an impact on the team. They weren’t very quiet about their desire to pick a new quarterback and that is the first thing they did. Ohio State’s C.J. Stroud, No. 2 overall, was the team’s pick from Round 1. He is quite a player on the field and his performance in previous games backs that. Immediately after Stroud, without missing a beat, they went for edge defender Will Anderson Jr, third overall. The roster does still need a lot more talent and skill if they want to make a significant impact but this is all they could come around for now. 

With the draft now done, it will be exciting to see how the additions settle in with the previous players. This has fans’ attention on center Juice Scruggs, drafted in the second round. If he wishes to win the starting job, he has to beat out two veterans, namely Michael Deiter and Scott Quessenberry. Both excellent players will be tough competition for the new addition and only time will tell who truly deserves the spot.

The Houston Texans took as much advantage of the offseason as they could and looking at the changes they made, the upcoming 2023 season may not be as bad as before. The roster still requires many upgrades but with the opportunities they had this time around, this was the best that they could accomplish. Only time will tell how good these changes and adjustments really are for the team and their performance. Fans predict that the next season should be better than before and they are eager to see that happen.


2023 Houston Texans Betting Odds


Division Champs +800

AFC Champs +6600

Super Bowl Champs +15000

Total Wins Over-Under 6.5 (We like the Under)


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