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Winners and Losers – A Look at Super Bowl 58 Odds Now vs Start of Year

October 9, 2023
Jordan LOve

We have completed five weeks of the NFL season. Thankfully, there are another 13 weeks left. In this article we want to look at which teams have over or under performed. There are a few of those.


NY Jets

Its no surprise that the Jets are underperforming their +2500 original odds and are now +15000. They lost HoF QB Aaron Rodgers 4 plays into the season. But, their win at Denver this past weekend does give Jets Fans some hope. They move to 2-3 on the season. I don’t think they have to think too much about winning the Super Bowl however. That ship has sailed.

Las Vegas Raiders

I’m not sure what the sportsbooks were thinking here assigning +4000 to the Raiders at season start. I mean, Jimmy Garoppolo isn’t a team saving type of guy. He is steady, but a world-beater he is not. The Raiders are now down to +25000, right where they belong.

Green Bay Packers

It appears that Jordan Love may not be the QB everyone was hoping he was (yet). But its not entirely his fault either. Green Bay’s defense is allowing 24 PPG. The Pack’s odds have dropped from +2500 to +6600. On the bright side they are 3-1 ATS.

Broncos, Giants, Bears & Panthers, Oh My!

These teams all had starting odds ranging from +4000-6000. They are all now firmly on the “pay no mind list” at +25,000-50,000. To say they have a fork sticking out of them because they are done would be an understatement.

Complete Odds Table

odds found at

San Francisco 49ers+250+900
Kansas City Chiefs+550+600
Buffalo Bills+900+900
Philadelphia Eagles+700+900
Dallas Cowboys+1200+1400
Miami Dolphins+800+2200
Baltimore Ravens+2000+1800
Detroit Lions+1800+2500
Los Angeles Chargers+2200+2000
Jacksonville Jaguars+3000+2500
Cincinnati Bengals+2800+900
Cleveland Browns+3500+4000
Seattle Seahawks+4000+6600
New Orleans Saints+3500+3000
Green Bay Packers+6600+2500
Tampa Bay Buccaneers+6600+8000
Los Angeles Rams+8000+3000
Minnesota Vikings+8000+4000
Pittsburgh Steelers+8000+5000
Tennessee Titans+8000+6600
Atlanta Falcons+10000+8000
Houston Texans+10000+25000
Indianapolis Colts+12500+15000
New England Patriots+12500+5000
Washington Commanders+12500+5000
New York Jets+15000+2500
Denver Broncos+20000+4000
New York Giants+20000+4000
Las Vegas Raiders+25000+4000
Carolina Panthers+50000+5000
Chicago Bears+50000+6600
Arizona Cardinals+75000+25000

Overperforming Teams

SF 49ers

It’s hard to say this team has overperformed when they were already on the shortlist to win the Super Bowl. But they have managed to take their odds from +900 down to just +250 to become the overwhelming favorite to win it all. They look unstoppable. But the season is long and there are alot of games left, and miles to go before I sleep.

Miami Dolphins

Everyone knew this offense would be great. But the biggest question marks coming into the season were Tua’s health and the defense’s ability to close out games. Truth be told, those are still pertinent concerns. Tua has not taken many hits at all and it is entirely possible that if he does that his concussion issue may resurface. The Dolphins defense is hanging on for dear life and has allowed over 30 points in two games this year already. Miami started the season at +2200 and is now down to +800