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Odds on Where Jim Harbaugh Will Be Next Season

January 3, 2024
Jim Harbaugh next coaching job odds

The head ball coach in Michigan has had quite the impressive ride. Since taking the job as head coach at his alma mater in 2025, Harbaugh has had a winning record every year except for one which was 2020 when the covid-shortened season saw the Wolverines go just 2-4.

Harbaugh has had double-digit wins totals in 6 of his 9 seasons there. On Monday, his Wolverines will play for the national championship for the first time in 25 years. So, will Jim Harbaugh stick around? Or will he bolt for the NFL?

We think that the answer to this question depends on what happens Monday. If Michigan wins, then we can see Jim leaving on top and going for even bigger money in the NFL. If they lose, you can see him trying for one more shot at the title. He has many of his star players set to return.

Another reason we think he will bolt is that there is an ongoing investigation being conducted by the NCAA about some inappropriate activity within the program. Basically, an overzealous assistant coach went to opponent’s games with the intention of stealing play calling signs instead of using readily available video like every other team in the NCAA does. It isn’t exactly a “death penalty” case but Michigan will lose some scholarships for it.

Harbaugh was suspended from coaching four games this year as the Big Ten investigated. Strange that they suspend him before they even ruled if he were guilty of anything. There is a strained relationship between Harbaugh and the Big Ten. You can see a guy wanting to get out of there instead of dealing with Big Ten drama. Think ‘Pete Carroll leaving USC’ and you get the idea. Although, Pete Carroll’s allegations were more severe.

Odds on Jim Harbaugh’s Next Move

Where will Jim Harbaugh be coaching for 2024 season?

NFL -150

Michigan +110

Not Coaching +700


Jim Harbaugh is the Favorite to Take Over the Chargers Job

A strong indicator that Jim Harbaugh will exit Ann Arbor is that he is the odds on favorite to be the next head coach of the LA Chargers. He is also listed near the top of the list of New England Patriots’ next head coach.

LA Chargers Next Head Coach

Jim Harbaugh +150

Ben Johnson +240

Bill Belichick +350

Kellen Moore +750

Bobby Slowik +1200

Eric Bieniemy +1200

Frank Smith +1200

Lincoln Riley +1600

Dan Quinn +1800

Ryan Day +1800

Brian Flores +2000

Jerod Mayo +2800

Brian Johnson +3300

Raheem Morris +3300

Deion Sanders +5000

Philip Rivers +10000


New England Patriots Next Head Coach

Jerod Mayo +150

Ben Johnson +500

Jim Harbaugh +800

Eric Bieniemy +900

Bill O’Brien +1100

Kliff Kingsbury +1600

Brian Johnson +2500

Joe Brady +2500

Dan Quinn +2800

Josh McCown +2800

Kellen Moore +2800

Josh McDaniels +3300

Kyle Shanahan +3300

Mike Kafka +3300

Zac Robinson +3300

Jim Schwartz +4000

Nick Caley +4000

Rick Bissacia +4000

Teddy Bruschi +10000

Tom Brady +1000



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