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BetOnline Sportsbook Changes Domain Name Extension

February 14, 2024
BetOnline changes name

A+ rated sportsbook BetOnline changed its domain name extension from to this week. There is no word on exactly why the change was made but based on our experience it can be for a number of reasons. The .ag extension is based out of the country of Antigua. It is possible that they were asked to change the domain by the government there. BetOnline operates out of the country of Panama, so this could be a reason that the domain has changed. But, let me emphasize it could be for any number of reasons.

We reached out to BetOnline social media marketing rep Dave Mason for more details but he only said “As part of our ongoing efforts to enhance user experience and streamline our online presence, we have made the decision to change the website URL. Business as usual.”

History of changing domain name extensions

Around a decade or so ago it was very common to see sports betting and casino sites change their domain names from to or These changes allowed the domain to operate on a more international basis and not be constrained by the legal authority which exists by certain governments over .com domain names.

The extension change is very common and has never been shown to be a sign of a weakening by the company performing the change.

You can probably expect to follow suit soon as they are a sister sportsbook to, both being owned and operated by a company named Blue High House.

BetOnline Ditches Classic Sportsbook Skin

There used to be an option to switch to the classic sportsbook” when you logged into BetOnline. Apparently this option no longer exists and the classic sportsbook has been retired.