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2024 March Madness Bracket Contest – $200K in Total Prizes

February 20, 2024
2024 bracket contest online

Bracket contests are among the most popular ways casual fans interact with major sporting events. In fact, they rank only second to Super Bowl Squares pools. You pick which teams will survive each round and you pick the overall winner. There is usually a requirement that you pick the total combined score of the championship game as a tie-breaker.

Nobody ever picks the perfect bracket. In fact, its almost statistically impossible. According to the odds are as follows:

  • 1 in 9,223,372,036,854,775,808 (if you just guess or flip a coin)
  • 1 in 120.2 billion (if you know a little something about basketball)

But the person who guesses most accurately can haul home a huge payout. And for contests like the one in this article, the top 1,250 finishers are in-the-money. That’s a very generous prize pool.

2024 NCAA Bracket Contest

The folks over at have been hosting a bracket contest for many years now. It’s $20 to get in and you can buy up to 20 entries. The bracket entry officially closes on Sunday, March 17th, 2024 at 9:00 pm ET and closes on Thursday, March 21st, 2024 at 12:30 pm ET. This leaves plenty of time to get in on the action.

How to Play

  1. Click this link
  2. Deposit using credit card or cryptocurrency
  3. Navigate to “Contests” and find “$200K Bracket Madness”
  4. Click “Buy Entries”

The more you buy the cheaper each entry is. Here is the multiple entry discount price list:

1st Entry: $20
2nd & 3rd Entry: $15 each
4th to 10th Entry: $10 each
11th to 20th Entry: $5 each

Prize Payout Sheet

1st $50,000
2nd $25,000
3rd $10,000
4th $5,000
5th $4,000
6th $3,000
7th $2,500
8th $1,750
9th $1,250
10th $1,000
11th – 15th $800
16th – 20th $500
21st – 30th $400
31st – 40th $320
41st – 50th $280
51st – 75th $240
76th – 100th $200
101st – 150th $160
151st – 200th $120
201st – 400th $80
401st – 700th $60
701st – 1,000th $45
1,001st – 1,250th $30




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