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5Dimes Downgrade – September 2010

Sportsbook players make bets on bad lines and shop manager blasts them in IM conversations. Regardless of motivation for betting the bad lines we have verified two things from the information we received:

  1. Staff at 5dimes posting multiple bad lines for players to take shots at regularly shows poor management of lines.
  2. Manager response shows un professionalism and a “take it personal” attitude. The fact is players will sometimes knowingly take shots at bad lines when posted. This is dealt with industry wide by only paying out the true odds if player/team wins match or canceling the bet altogether. Some players who bet games/matches are not doing so out of malice. They see a huge line and don’t check all over the internet to verify the line. They simply just bet the game.

If punters deposit their hard earned money at a sportsbook, they need to feel that it isn’t being managed by hotheads on the other end.

For this reason we are taking 5 dimes down to B Rating. They pay winners and collect the losers money but the management has a lot to learn about professionalism and the employees about posting the correct lines.

note: Rating was restored in 2011


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