Bankroll Management: Maximize Your Earnings

It’s no secret that new poker players have some basic strategies to learn if they want to compete with the average opponent. Most of these strategies involve game tactics, while some involve important theories to follow that are outside of actual play. The most important of these is bankroll management, and if you ever intend on poker being a profitable endeavor for you, you’ll learn and practice proper bankroll strategies as you develop your poker skill set. Without bankroll strategy even the slickest players will eventually go broke because poker results are not completely dependent on skill.

Because every player’s poker game has a win/loss variance, one has to protect themselves from going broke. Just because you have $500 in your player account it doesn’t mean that you should take it to a $20/$40 limit game or a $200 buy-in no limit cash game. It doesn’t take a genius to realize that no one wins every time they play, and if you take most of your cash into one big game you could end up leaving broke. An experienced player understands that a bankroll is something that should be protected, not risked every time they sit in on a new game.

The basic rules to follow for bankroll management are explained in the Bodog Poker’s Secrets to Online Hold’em guide that’s free for new Bodog players to download.

In this new poker guide, it explains how much money one should take into a particular game, based on how much is in their playing bankroll. If one always plays in the proper size games, they will be playing poker with that money for a longer period of time. The idea is to apply the proper limits to your table selection, and adjust up or down in stakes when the size of your bankroll changes enough to mathematically force you into a new game.

If you’re always playing in the proper size game, you can then look for other edges that can improve your bankroll situation. There are a lot of bargains that players can take advantage of to protect their bankroll further. Options like buy-in bonuses, frequent player points and tournament layovers are just a few ways that a player can make their playing money go further. No online poker room offers better deals for your bankroll than Bodog Poker, and there’s no time of year like May and June, (while most of the sharks are trying to win a seat in the WSOP Main Event) to build a bankroll and get on your way.

So if you’re looking for an edge on the competition, here’s a bunch of them for you. Right now new sign-ups in the Bodog poker room will get 110% bonus on any deposit amount, to a max of $1100. That’s more than double your buy-in to get you started. Bodog also has the biggest tournament layovers in the business, a frequent player point reward program, and natural spillover of novice players from their famous online sports book.

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