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October 3, 2016

Many people have heard of Bitcoin by now. Many still don’t understand it because they have not had an occasion to use it. Basically Bitcoin is a digital currency. The differences between Bitcoin and standard currencies are many but for the purpose of this article we will just state the most important and obvious.

Sending Money

You can send money to anyone in the world that has a Bitcoin account. The transactions usually take only a few minutes and the fees are very small. There are dozens of bitcoin exchanges and you can sign up for one from anywhere in the world.

Investment and Risk

Bitcoin isn’t just a static currency. It is much like a commodity (and is legally a commodity in some countries) that can be bought and sold like a stock. If you bought Bitcoin for $1 per coin just half a dozen years ago and held onto it, you would be a happy camper right now as it is worth over $600 per coin. There are some freshly minted millionaires because of Bitcoin. Of course, like any risk, you can lose money on Bitcoin too but some estimates are calling for it to increase and hit nearly $1000 within the next 6 months.


This is how the currency has affected our industry. It has made it easier for folks to send money to sportsbooks.  You can send your Bitcoin to a sportsbook, like one of the top rated sportsbooks on our recommended list and get it converted to dollars and get a nice handsome bonus to boot.

There are some sportsbooks that allow you to pick a wager and only send the bitcoin for that particular wager. If you lose, they keep your bitcoin. If you win, you get your bitcoin back plus the winning amount. One such sportsbook is a sportsbook we reviewed a while back. It’s name is (SBA Rating C-). All reports are that this sportsbook pays and it pays instantly. The only complaint we have received over the last 1 year’s period of time is that the game options are limited. We’ve had one regular reader write to them about his concern and their response is posted as well:

—–Original Message—–

“I think that if you offered more american football you would get a lot more
action. You rarely have the games I want to bet.”

——Response from DirectBet——

Thanks for betting at DirectBet and thanks for your feedback.

Our American Football coverage is limited and we are looking to expand it in
the future.

Generally, you will be able to find more bets and bet types closer to the
event start time so if you can’t find the bet that you are looking for
please check back a couple of hours before the start of the game.

Feel free to contact us if we can be of any further assistance.

Best Regards,

DirectBet – LIVE Sports Betting with Bitcoins ! ”

——– End Messages——–

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