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Review Archived Article About BetFirstClass – May 10, 2009

Bet First Class is showing up everywhere with great offers and clients telling of fast payouts. This has all been happening in the last year or so. When BFC first arrived on the seen, a lot of the other Review services said beware. Some even went as far as to exclaim STAY AWAY! We held off, waiting for the dust to settle and see what was really going on. We are not shills and have not received dime one from this company so you can take everything you read here to be true.

screenFrom the start, the company ownership was associated with a character referred to as “Max”. This is a guy who was linked to “bad deal” Casinos such as AtlantisBets and DunHill. After talking many times to ownership reps “The Judge” and a man named Michael, we are satisfied with the explanations. They claim they got in bed with this guy without knowing his past and once it became apparent, severed ties with him. Since then, they have been working overtime to improve/repair their reputation on-line. They hit forums hard. After all, the forums and Review sites are some of the best and actually ‘only’ tools to fight against fraud and false claims. Since, there have been plenty of on line posts from various players about fair practices and super fast payouts.

Long story short is this: The books ownership, by their actions and words, have proved to us a willingness to play by all the unwritten rules that a good sportsbook should follow. We entered them into our rating at D+ until we could gather more info as well until it established itself better on-line. Here we are 6 months later, and being completely satisfied with what we have found, upgrade them to a C rating. C is a good neutral rating until more time goes by and we monitor them even more.

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