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Betting Star24 Down Grade

After receiving an email from a concerned long time customer of BettingStar24, we investigate the company as well as the claim.
Customer claims has not received a pay out or response to multiple emails in over ten days. Although, we typically tell clients to wait at least 2 weeks to make sure, this case is different.

SA has made multiple attempts at contacting them from several email accounts (not related to our site) to test customer service. We ask simple questions like “what is your rollover on bonuses?” as well as “what are your current bonus offers”. These are questions that any book on top of their game should jump at because it shows an interested potential player asking serious “ready to deposit” type questions. To their credit, they may be not taking anymore clients on the fact that they appear to be going under.

Client requested 347,98 Euro pay out and has not heard a word from them. He has been with them for several years and they have always paid. Client writes:

The reason I contacted you is because of the facts that:

  1. Pay outs were quite fast earlier
  2. No email replies while before I got a reply within 24 hours
  3. No soccer/tennis odds anymore on the website


These are all signs that a book is struggling. This book has had many issues in the past regarding pay outs and communication, and they are currently rated “D” with our site. We are reducing their grade to “D-” today, September 10, 2008.

Finally, several other factors weigh in on our decision to downgrade:

  1. Windows security certificate is expired.
  2. The sitepal feature on the homepage is inoperable, showing lack of maintenance.
  3. Reduced Betting Options.