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Billionaire Investor Surrenders Casino License

January 5, 2017

Atlantic City, New Jersey – Now for rare news out of former gambling mecca Atlantic City: The Billionaire investor behind the Trump Taj Mahal, Carl Icahn, has surrendered the gaming license for that property and has also petitioned that no one be able to reopen that property as a casino. The petition specifies that no company can open a gambling operation on that property for at least five years.

The property and workforce are all tied up in union red tape as well, a problem that companies face within the borders of the United States. Outside of the country there are many more opportunities like running your own online casino content website and referring players to offshore casinos like

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People around the world like playing casino games from the comfort of their own homes and not have to go over to the casino.

Atlantic City is one of the slumping casino towns in the United States that has seen many better days. One knock on the city is that the State of New Jersey has never approved a sports betting license for any casino there. It is thought that sports betting may have produced the boost the city needed to for its casinos to survive.

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