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Bodog State of Affairs Part II – written Summer 2008

A while back we wrote an article about BoDog. We used to wager with them and even carried them as an affiliate. Then we noticed some troubling trends.

The Game betting limits were lowered. Every major game had circles on them up to the very last minute. Payouts were commonly taking 3-4 weeks to get to customers. And to top it all off, Calvin Ayre, the creator and owner of BoDog, was all over TV and the net and even showed up in Forbes as “One of the Top Billionaires in 2007”.

Cutting down limits, circling games, and an ego maniac for a boss that is attracting more attention than Trump himself- to us spelled doom. Well it did just that.

Calvin Ayre retired from BoDog three months ago. And he now only travels to and from countries that have no extradition laws or ones that do, but do not enforce them.

Also, one of BoDog’s financial processing centers was shut down this week by authorities. The company was called Zip Payments. How were they shut down you may ask yourself. Well they operated right here in THE US!!!!!! As the Guinness commercials say “Brilliant!” But I mean it in the facetious manner.

My parting words on the matter are “Won’t be long now. BoDog as we all know it, will probably be a shadow of it’s once self”.

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