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Bookmaker Downgrade and fellow brands have been downgraded this week by Sportsbook Advisor for a couple reasons. First, the management at the sportsbooks have changed their affiliate model in efforts to drive up profits. In doing so, they have alienated half of their affiliates. When companies resort to these tactics it is a sign of hot headed management reacting to a drop in profits. The second reason we are dropping the rating  is because of rumblings of slow pays on-line in a few chat rooms. Their “slow pays” are not that bad considering the average pay out is around 2 weeks for any sportsbook. is taking about 2 weeks to pay in some cases, whereas they always have been same week pay outs.

Even though management seems a bit wacky and pay outs for some have slowed by a week, this company still has plenty of money and you will NOT get ripped off by them.  The parent company CRIS has been an industry leader since the 1990’s.