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College Football Playoff Games Opening Lines

December 4, 2017
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The playoff games for college football have been set in stone. As we all kind of figured, Alabama was able to get into the playoffs despite not winning their conference and not even getting to play in the conference game. The fact that Big Ten Conference Champion Ohio State had two losses, one in which they got smashed, was too much for the voters. Below are the two games and the opening spread and the current amount of bets (in total $) that the teams are receiving.

Monday January 1, 2018

5:00PM EST

#271 (3) Georgia -1 (42%)
#272 (2) Oklahoma +1 (58%)

8:45PM EST

#273 (4) Alabama -2 (45%)
#274 (1) Clemson +2 (55%)

Moneyline Odds for National Championship

Alabama +175
Clemson +240
Oklahoma +350
Georgia +400

It is interesting to note here that the lowest seed and the team that squeaked into the playoff, Alabama, is favored in their first game against the number 1 seed as well as being favored to win the championship (overall moneyline). If they beat Clemson in the first game the hypothetical spreads, at this point, would be:

Alabama -3.5
Oklahoma +3.5


Alabama -5.5
Georgia +5.5

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