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January 15, 2016

We received this complaint about a month ago and tried several times to contact this company and give them a chance to fix the problem or tell us what was happening from their end. After repeated failed attempts we are publishing this complaint as if it were a forum post. We will tell you the complaint and against which company.

First I would like to preface this by saying we have no record of activity with this company We have had no complaints or feedback of any kind.

A quick “who is” search reveals the domain name was created July 7, 2014 and expires July 7, 2016 (this year). Such a short domain purchase is usually not a good indicator for sportsbook that plans to be in the business for the long haul.

Written complaint from “John”: “I have a $5187 balance at, my account is uswXXX (redacted). I requested a $700 withdrawal on 11/9. They promised to pay me 11/10 in an e-mail but they did not pay. they have made many additional excuses and never paid. Then they deducted my full $5187 balance on 11/24 and said blackjack. So they stole my balance. I never play casino since I do not trust online casinos. I have had sportsbook accounts for 10 years and never play casino with real cash. Their people told me this was an error and they would fix it but my balance is still zero and i do not have my $700 payout and manager tony even said he would resolve this but is never available when i call. I have never seen a sportsbook just steal money like this and zero out my balance. I am willing to give a computer expert access to my computer through teamviewer so they can review my computer and they will see i never played casino there. I have many e-mails where they kept making excuses about why they did not pay me as promised and then they just decided to steal my balance rather than pay me. I can forward you all the documentation. Please help. I am so angry about this and cannot sleep because I am so upset. Thanks.”

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