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Current NCAA Championship Odds and Pick

October 25, 2012

Here are the current NCAA championship odds as of 10/25/2012. These are the top eight teams that still mathematically have a chance to win the whole thing.  Alabama is the heavy favorite with an astoundingly low payout of 1/1 or +100 in moneyline terms.  Our pick is LSU +1000. Put a 100 on LSU today and if they win you get $1000 bucks when it is all said and done.   LSU has been soaring as of late having beaten Texas A&M and South Carolina. The problem, in some experts eyes, is that LSU only beat Auburn by 2 points and that they beat a South Carolina team that just got stomped at Florida.  LSU’s only loss is to Florida.  But Florida will lose a game, possibly this weekends matchup at Georgia., and we believe LSU will not lose another game all season. You can count on us for bold predictions like this. If it cashes the payout is 10-1 and that is pretty darn good. We liked Oregon at the start of the season and still think they are a great team. LSU may end up playing them in the NCAA championship game. We feel that LSU will be surging by this point and will could beat an Oregon team.

Alabama +100
Oregon +425
Kansas State +600
Florida +800
USC +800
LSU +1000
Notre Dame +1200
Oklahoma +1200