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Dr. Ho and Aloha Introduction

April 9, 2009 – Some spammy emails showed up in our box exclaiming Aloha Sportsbook is the best sportsbook in the world.  We decided to leave this one alone since we have had no feedback from people on this particular book.  After receiving even more email, we felt that it was our duty to rate this one right away because others were probably receiving these same emails. A quick Google search shows that this book shares an exact web design as another book, DrHoSportsbook.  So, apparently this is the same operation.

Another quick archive search shows that these are brand new and have no major history on-line to warrant their claims “No. 1 Sportsbook”.  The domain names were registered with WHOIS in 2005 and fax numbers point to Washington State.

The companies are offering 100% signup/deposit bonuses.  We are always leery of new books offering such huge bonuses as well as several books operating under the exact design and module.  We are introducing these sportsbooks as a rating guide of D. This rating is designated to keep people leery and will serve until we get first hand feedback from it’s clients.

Also, they reference another “sportsbook monitor” and claim they have an excellent review from them. When visiting that website we found no reports, also broken links, and finally they were heavily pushing bet33 which is a very low rated sportsbook by all serious sportsbook monitors.

If you have an Aloha or Dr. Ho account, feel free to send us feedback.


Feedback added May 4, 2009:

In an email to us: “Guys, please check out this sites affiliation with scam sportsbook Apex. I they are the same ownership.” – Robert J.

Reply: “Dear Sir, you are correct. This sportsbook is operated by the same scammers that ran Apex. We appreciate your email.”

Note: Apex was a scammer in the early 2000’s that stole hundreds of thousands of dollars from players and now tries it’s best to appear non-related and steal more money. We are moving the Aloha & Dr. Ho Ratings to F- and to the blacklist as well.

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