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Exciting 2019 Heisman Race Odds

March 4, 2019
Heisman odds 2019

Truly one of the more exciting pre-season Heisman Trophy odds will occur in 2019. If you had even briefly paid attention to college football last season you probably know that three players dominated the Heisman Trophy talk. All three players were QB’s. QB Tyler Murray from Oklahoma went on to win the trophy. He also moved on from college football and is now in the NFL draft. The two players left behind are arguably the most exciting players in college football. QB Trevor Lawrence from Clemson and QB Tua Tagovailoa from Alabama.

Tua led the Heisman race most of last season but his lackluster performance at the end of the season allowed Murray to secure the award. Heisman voting final tally here.

Lawrence didn’t start until the fifth game of the season, but once he did it was lights out. Clemson would go on to win the national championship with the rookie QB at the helm in a fantastic blowout of Alabama.

Right now the sportsbook odds are not aligned. Some have Tua as the favorite, some have Lawrence while others have them at dead even. Check out the table below and compare and contrast odds from various sources:

PlayerBetOnline.agWestgate (Vegas)FanDuel (New Jersey)
Trevor Lawrence+350+300+250
Tua Tagovailoa+500+250+250
Jalen Hurts+650+600+1100
D'Andre Swift+1200+5000+1400
Jonathan Taylor+1200+1500+1400
Jake Fromm+1200+4000+1600
Justin Fields+1200+600+1600
Adrian Martinez+1200+600+1800
Justin Herbert+1600+3000+2200
Travis Etienne+1200+4000+2200

I think there is value with the Georgia QB at some of those very high odds. He is no slouch. He is a solid heavy underdog bet.


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