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fbs championship 2012 line report

Line Report. National Championship Game
Written Thursday Morning January 5, 2012
Game to be played night of January 9, 2012

The National Championship Football game is being played between LSU and Alabama. The line was initiated at most places with LSU favored by 1 (LSU -1) or at very minimum LSU Pick. Currently almost every major betting outlet has Alabama favored by 1 (Alabama -1). There is one exception to this line. Bovada, the newest rendition of Bodog connected sportsbooks, still has LSU -1.  They have refused to budge and really have no reason as 60%+ of their action has been on LSU thus far.

Barring any change in the injury report, we feel that the lines will stay pretty much where they are right now. There may be the typical last minute action change that occurs when the so called syndicates place their bets 1-2 hours before kickoff.  But the amount of action being taken in and total dollars being wagered is so vast that we don’t even see this as a line changer.

Basically if you like Alabama you will want to wager at Bovada. If you like LSU you can bet just about any sportsbook and have them getting a point. This is a 2 point swing and is a valuable angle to play.