Horse Racing Terminology

There is an exciting world of wagering which exists outside of human sports. It’s that of horse racing. This is an event as old as modern human civilization. Ever since men have first domesticated the horse they have been riding them and betting them.

There are some terms a horse race bettor should be familiar with. In this poste we will list what these terms are give brief definitions.

Types of Horse Race Wagers

Straight – This is where you pick the exact horse to finish in the exact place. Usually straight wagers are people picking the single horse they think will come in first. But you can also pick a horse to come in second or third.

Exacta – This is when you pick which horse you think will come in first and second. It has to be exact.

Trifecta – You are picking which horses you think will come in first, second and third.

Superfecta – This is picking the exact order and finish of the top four horses.

Win-Place-Show Bet: This is when you pick a horse to finish first, second or third place.

Quinella – This is when you pick the top two finishers but they can finish in either order. This bet is considered “exotic” as it is not available at every track or racebook.

Super Hi-Five: This is picking the top five horses in the exact order. This is also considered an “exotic” as it is not offered at every racebook or racetrack.

Pick 3, Pick 4, & Pick 5 – This is the type of wager where you pick the winner for multiple horse races in a row. You string together your bets much like a parlay in sports betting terms.