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In-Game Betting Gives Bettors A Way to Reach Another Level

September 28, 2016

Sports gambling no longer is limited to point spreads, totals and different props. The game can be bet on while it is in progress and there are a couple of betting practices for in-game betting that should be followed.

Live betting is a new aspect of the sports betting industry, as not all sportsbooks offer this on their betting sites. While many of them have live sports betting it is good to read what other gamblers are saying prior to making a commitment with money to a particular sportsbook.

One of the best practices to follow in live betting is obviously paying attention to one game as it is flowing, as sportsbooks have to be concentrating on a number of lines and cannot watch every play as all the games unfold. That works as an advantage as long as just one game is followed.

Arbitrage or also known as middling, in the sports gambling industry can be used as a tool to help against the odds maker.

For example, Boston is +10 against San Antonio, and you bet Boston prior to the game beginning and during the middle of the third quarter the Celtics as underdogs are well ahead of the Spurs.

During timeouts, the sportsbooks is offering San Antonio at -2 in its live betting. That is the time to hedge the bet and put down a wager on the -2 favorite prior to action resuming.

What that means is have a middle of 8-points. If the favorite is victorious by between 3 and 11 points both wagers are won and the book gets middled.

If the favorite is able to win by 2 points or 10 points the bet is a PUSH on one or the other along with a win on one or the other.

Of course there is that chance the favored team does not win by at least two or that the underdog in the original bet falls apart and loses by 11 points or more, but by middling, you have eliminated a straight up loss on the original wager of Boston +10.

Remember to always be keenly aware of the number live wagering allows and maintain a focus on the injuries taking place as oddsmakers putting up those numbers may not be aware of the different nuances taking place in the game.