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December 24, 2017
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I started in the sports betting industry in 1997. Back then, the internet was still pretty young. Social media did not exist. Getting information about sports betting was challenging. There were a few informational sites out there but nothing like there is today.

When it comes to the best information today there are many sources. Many sportsbooks post their own handle numbers right there on their site. The once private numbers are there for everyone to see. Sports fans at and around stadiums use social media to relay information from the actual game site. Twitter is more of a broadcasting platform than the other social media websites and is used by most of the industry people. Information like real-time weather changes, whether or not the QB is limping in warm ups and a known sharp just placed a $50K bet on the Eagles, can all be found readily and easily on Twitter.

Some of the better guys to follow include sportsbook managers. Here are a few below:

I can tell you that you used to have to be connected to the industry to get this kind of info but now it’s all out there for the grabbing. Using local weather reports from people on the ground in the actual city beats the pants off of looking at the generic weather channels.


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