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Kentucky Derby Final Report and Odds

May 4, 2019
crowd excited at kentucky derby

This race has been exciting behind the scenes because of all the concerns about weather as well as injured/scratched horses. We still have a large group of horses even with the scratches.

Earlier in the weak, the overall favorite “Omaha Beach” was scratched due to a major breathing problem. You can add “Haikal” to that list of scratches. The horse was battling a foot abscess coming into the week. His odds were 30-1 before the scratch.

Race handicapper John Rothschild had this to say about the weather: “Yesterday (Friday), every weather bureau predicted showers and a messy track. That didn’t happen. Today, all are calling for rain again. I’m going to assume a wet surface, which does make a difference, and have done my best to incorporate stock that can be successful on both.” You can buy John’s picks here

We wondered how the action was coming in at online sportsbooks so we reached out to online sportsbook Their book manager had this to say: “We don’t get much horse action… Much easier for people to go to their local track then play online, people playing horses want to place their bets and get a payout right away… So offshore isn’t ideal for them.”

We got into the topic of the NBA playoffs and he had this to say “Seeing even money on the playoffs. Except when the Warriors play. EVERYONE loves the Warriors.”

Here are the current odds for Race 12 at Churchill Down, otherwise known as the Kentucky Derby. Good luck today.

The race is scheduled to begin at 6:50 pm EST. You can see all the races’ final results here: Churchill Downs Toteboard

Note: Offshore odds are different from odds offered at the actual track. The track uses pari-mutuel odds which is a closed pool of money. Learn more about pari-mutuel beting

War of Will20-1
By My Standards20-1
Gray Magician50-1
Maximum Security10-1
Plus Que Parfait30-1
Cutting Humor30-1
Code of Honor15-1
Win Win Win15-1
Master Fencer50-1
Game Winner5-1
Long Range Toddy30-1
Country House30-1

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