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Lady Gaga Hair Color at Super Bowl Props

January 28, 2017

Yes, you read that correctly. There are odds on what Lady Gaga’s hair color will be at the Super Bowl when she performs at halftime. Anyone new to the betting game will think this is ridiculous and that sportsbooks may have lost their collective minds. But, all of old school bettors have seen wacky Super Bowl prop bets for decades now.

Some of the wacky bets don’t always end so clear-cut; as was the case when Kim Kardashian was dating Reggie Bush and he was playing in the Super Bowl in 2010. They wagered what her garment color would be. Green was an option and black was an option (among many¬†more) but there was confusion when she had a black undershirt and a green overshirt. Some books paid for the under shirt only and some just said screw it and paid out both wagers.

This year Lady Gaga’s hair can actually be one of many colors so it adds a little fun to the big game and maybe even helps gets the wife or GF interested. Here are the odds and for what color:

Blonde/yellow -500

Brown +600

Pink +1500

Purple +1500

White +1600

Blue +1700

Orange +2200

Green +1800

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