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Letter From TripleVPoker


We are and we have recently seen that you have blacklisted us for some reasons that you beleive were justified. You have never contacted us or tell us what your issues were with us. We are positive that there are none with us personally but more directed by the fact that we WERE affiliated with GameTech Solutions. I say “We Were” because we are no longer working with these crooks and scam artists. We have stopped working with them as like many people we have seen now that purchased software and networked with them, who are in the same position. We were lied to and got lured into a scam spending and losing a lot of money.

We are currently Suing the GTS/futurebet group because we haven’t got anything we paid for. If you go to the page, we have discontinued the site (POKER and CASINO) link with GTS as we took it offline as we do not want ANYONE visiting that site( it is back up and running INDEPENDENTLY, in order to make sure that no one that visit the site or registers gets disapointed. We are honest business people and do not conduct bad business, we do NOT beleive in scamming and giving a bad experience to people. We simple got Scammed OURSELVES. These are some of the reasons why we are no longer part of the MERGE network / GAMETECH SOLUTIONS. We discontinued our business relationship and association with them as soon as we saw that things were going south with them. We are basicaly talking from end of June 2010.

We are also trying to find some of the owners and file a class suit against them, as the more people that went through them, bought a site and got scammed, we are ready to speak with them and set up all the steps necessary to completely get rid of these crooks.
We went with them because we wanted to operate a turnkey Poker,casino business and they told us everything would be running perfectly and efficiently. In reality, We experienced nothing but problems from the getgo.

We are now rebuilding a new poker casino software from scratch with our own programers and we are doing it independently. This is why we are writing you this, to simply take us off the BLACKLIST and clear our name as it has potential of giving us a bed reputation and publicity that we do NOT deserve. We hope you do understand our request to take our name off that list as a favor between honest people and businessmen that we are sure you are. We are a group that are running a serious and proper business and we do not want to be associated with or scammers crooks, nor have the reputation of such since we are not. Again, We do not deserve the bad publicity and hope you can take our name off your site as a bad site as soon as possible. We are building a new site and do not need to be blacklisted for something we are not responsible of. We are not part of Gametech and we do NOT work with them anymore.

Also we have never taken any money from people as we did not have our credit cards setup on the site cashier (visa, Mastercard). We were supposed to but GT having the issues and reputation they had, we understood later on that we would never get those payment processors because of that.Which means we had no real means in collecting funds from people on the site. So we have basically NO dissatisfied clients WHATSOEVER. We owe nothing to no one. We are clear and not guilty of anything. You would not find ANYTHING on the net about customers or people registered on our site talking bad about us or saying that we stole from them or that we owe them money or that we lied to them. Thats is simply IMPOSSIBLE.

I hope you understand where we are coming from and that you would help us taking our name off the blacklist and we would really appreciate any help or support to get rid of these crooks or if you can put us in touch with other GT site owners that have contacted you about the similar issues.

Thank you very much for you time and understanding,

Kind regards,