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MLB Team Season Win Over Unders 2018

February 7, 2018
mlb betting over unders 2018

You can bet team win totals for most major sports. The 2018 MLB offseason will be coming to an end before long. So with that the sportsbooks are starting to publish their season team win over under totals. The totals will change as the season gets closer and personnel changes are made.

Some that stick out to me right away are: St. Louis seems a little low. The NYY and Nationals seem high considering they both fired their manager. The Bluejays are building and should push for an over .500 record.

Teams are listed in alphabetical order by city name:

American League

Orioles 77.5
Red Sox 91.5
White Sox 68.5
Indians 93.5
Tigers 68.5
Astros 96.5
Royals 76.5
Angels 84.5
Twins 82.5
Yankees 93.5
A’s 74.5
Mariners 81.5
Rays 76.5
Rangers 78.5
Blue Jays 81.5

National League

D-Backs 86.5
Braves 73.5
Cubs 93.5
Reds 71.5
Rockies 82.5
Dodgers 95.5
Marlins 64.5
Brewers 81.5
Mets 80.5
Phillies 74.5
Pirates 76.5
Padres 69.5
Giants 81.5
Cardinals 84.5
Nationals 91.5