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January 1, 2019
eagles betting week 1 playoffs

(Part #1)

1. Road team that won its prior game:

The play is on a team that is competing in its second road game in succession that won outright the prior week.
Note: That win can also be at the end of the regular season.


Popular public opinion believes that teams traveling two weeks in a row (and often facing a team that had a better record) will have less time to prepare, or be more tired.

The public doesn’t usually do to well.

2. Home teams that didn’t cover in their last game:

Home teams that didn’t cover in their last game ATS (whether home or away) don’t often convert in the next.
The play is on the away team.


These teams may have unexpected weaknesses, and are giving extra points with the home field advantage.

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(Part #2 tomorrow)


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