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Oddsmaker Added to Blacklist – June 2009

Oddsmaker (Rating D) Blacklisted and Downgraded to F. Everytime you turn around this company is doing something unscrupulous. Most recent player writes in that he receives bonus play and then parlays it, only to have his balance confiscated after he built his bankroll to $747.

This is just one of many times these guys have used bonuses cloaked in hidden fine print to get players to become active, knowing that they will never pay them.

We made efforts last week to contact them on this players behalf and they have failed to respond.

Oddsmaker is a good looking website and appears to have the management and money resources that other top books have. But in reality, they are partnered with the scam sportsbook operation Futurebet and have been involved in ripping people off for hundreds of thousands of dollars. We are adding them to our blacklist for the simple fact that you should avoid them at all cost, especially when there are a dozen or more very reputable sportsbook available as better options.