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Parlay Bets Are Popular Amongst NFL Bettors

July 21, 2016

With the NFL preseason just around the corner it is time to think about how to make certain wager during the season. One way is the Parlay. Parlays for NFL bettors are very enticing and attract a great deal of action.

Although there are not any official numbers to go by, bookies have said that over the past 10 seasons, parlay bets are up as much as 50%. The typical parlay bettor on NFL games is less than 35 years old.

Make sure that if parlays are the choice that you give yourself the best opportunity to come out on top.

Amongst the most common of parlays that are bet today, involve a minimum of four teams and more commonly between six and 10. The bettor is looking to hit the 40 to 1 or 600 to 1 payoff.

Often times the bettors looks at the parlay as only another wager and are not concerned with the added vig or what the true odds really are.

The bottom line however is ending up with a 4-2 record during a week of games wagered in the NFL is considered very good, but wagering on better odds but with less of a payout.

However, that record or even if you won 5 of 6 would be a loss on a parlay even with such a high winning percentage since you need to win each one.

A better method would be to lower risk and have parlays for just two or a maximum of three teams on each ticket. This might not have the same risk or satisfaction, but winning is what is most important and fewer games on each ticket would make that a better possibility.

The odds to win a parlay of six teams is 60 to 1 if bet weekly. That means one would be won every four seasons. However, a two-team parlay has odds of just 3 to 1.

Another parlay option is using the moneyline and not the spread. Heavy vig will be collected by the house, but during any week of NFL games that a bettor is certain three teams can win their games outright can produce a nice three-team parlay payout.

On the moneyline going with the favorites will not produce a big parlay payout but point spreads are forgotten and just straight up wins are what counts.

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